Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sony Reader

I've decided that I am tired of lugging around my laptop so that I can read when I am out and about. Laptops are a little bulky and I don't always have a surface to rest it on.

I went looking around on the internet for a decent priced PDA or the like that can read PDF files. I also wanted the added bonus of being able to transfer files to it. So after looking at the Kindle(Way over priced IMO); I decided on the Sony Reader Pocket Edition. It is small, light weight, reads multiple types of files including PDF, is transfer capable, and best of all it is almost a hundred dollars less than a Kindle.

The reviews both on the Sony site and off say that it is a great machine and though a few of the reviewers complained of the lack of features(The name says it all people! Its a Reader not a PDA), I decided it would be the best pick for me. So in about a month I'll hae enough money saved for it. I think I will get the navy colored one.

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