Friday, September 25, 2009

Economics and what I see

I don't know much at all about Economics. I took one very basic class about it in high school. What I see in the real world economy and the state of it over the years is has follows.

I was born in 1980 so I grew up during the Reagan years and forward.

When Reagan enforced his tax policy and his belief that the government "helping" us was the root of the problem inflation was down, employment was up (mostly), and the government was not controlling how we could live our lives as much.

Over the course of time (eight years) his economic plan showed that it worked. Yes the national debt became huge. However, that has to do with the majority of the governing body not wanting to stop spending.

Just like I was taught in school, at home, and by personal experience. When you spend more than you make you end up in debt and if you continue doing it then you will never get out of debt. That is why most of us are taught in school and by our parents how to create and keep to a budget. Your average pay check is x amount of dollars. Your bills are y amount. So you take x-y and you have the set budget for your household. Anything left over can be put away for later which is the smart thing or spent on that shiny new toy you wanted.

It is plainly obvious to me that the people in our government and most of the public think that the government money comes from thin air or grows on trees.

The reason I say this is because  of the bail outs, welfare, budget gaps, etc. If  you tax the rich enough they stop investing and creating jobs. They start "hording" the money so that they can live in the way that they have gotten used to. The truly rich have means to cut their taxes in half or more with legal tax shelters and charitable donations.

Underneath them you have the upper middle class which gets killed by taxes and that goes down the line into the poverty class.

Since the rich are not investing or creating new jobs the unemployment goes up and people of all "classes" stop spending money on luxury items which makes the whole economy plunge into "recession".

To sum up; think about the economy has a circle of life type thing. The highest thing on the cycle needs the lowest on it to survive. You take even one thing out or make it less available then the whole life cycle dies off or becomes extremely unhealthy.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Journal Pt. 3

Children are some of the most truthful of observers.
Ideas can cycle around to other people without verbal transmitting.
I can some up the Bible easily. Love one another, respect each other, live as best you can without hurting someone in some way, forgive yourself and others for the wrongs done so that you can all move on to the next life.
Personal energy can be used for healing, protection, and in those so inclined to harm.


"Can you race?" He asks me in a condescending tone of voice. I look at my cousin before looking to the guy again. The urge to sneer almost breaking through the the calm mask on my face.

"Can You?" I ask in mock innocence. The guy scowls and before I know it I am taking a test lap in my cousin's car and letting the adrenaline start pumping into my veins for the race ahead. A race that I win by a landslide much to the disbelief of everyone. What a way for my trip to Kansas to end. What the heck am I going to do with an Acura RSX that has been modified? Especially since I have to drive my grandfather's car home.

Huh! Maybe I can sell it back to the guy that lost it to me to begin with.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Journal Pt. 2

I saw life begin. As always it starts with a burst of energy and a flood of life. It evolves and grows by the day, by the hour, by the second and no one really stops to enjoy it. Everyone on this world started with a big bang of one kind or another. Each one causes ripples just like those starts we all like to marvel at. We think of the stars as amazing miracles why can't we think of each other that way? I turn away only those who can not be trusted with my own miracle. I watch everyone else and embrace who they could be. I don't hate anyone. I dislike them or i could be disappointed or angry and I might say the words; but I have never and I hope to never hate someone totally it would be a sin in my eyes since people can evolve and change. I just decide not to see it as it happens if they can not be trusted.


Every story that the mind comes up with is actually its own universe that we can tap into for a little bit at a time. Writer's block is a temporary or permanent restriction of our access to that universe. Just think about it. A world where magic is real. A world that never had the Druids killed off. A world where vampires and werewolves exist. It is hard to believe that some of these worlds and outcomes exist but if you keep an open mind and a kind heart anything can happen. Our day dreams for our own lives are even in this same category. I myself have thought about becoming a famous singer or actress. In alternate universes it really did happen. Weirdly inspiring is it not?
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The Journal Pt. 1

This is part one of "The Journal" series. I keep a so called journal full of ideas, random thoughts, and pieces of stories. This series is the online posting of the entries in my little writing project as I call it.


From the time I was born almost I knew I was special. I know you are wondering how a baby can know something like that. I was never a baby. I sprang to life from my mother's womb with all the knowledge I would ever need to know. Like all those who are special I learned to tell my meeds to others more capable than myself early on. How my parents could speak the language of the high I will never know, but they must have because when I talked they did what I wanted.

After a few years I decided to repress the knowledge so that life would be more fun and more of a challenge.


You ever watch a movie that was supposed to be one thing and it turned out to be another? That just happened to me. I choose the comedy genre and pick one title that I have never seen right before bed. I figure I would go to bed a light heart but no; the movie has only a little bit of comedy in it and the rest was sad and dramatic. It made me cry more than I laughed.

I guess sometimes we don't get what we ask for. But you got to keep trying.


Sleep can be a tempting siren or an elusive creature like Nessie.
Music proves that all people have souls.
If homosexuality is wrong and unnatural as well as a sin before God then why has it been around for all of creature history?
Mankind is a mystery but not the greatest one around.
Love is what helps us forget the clock of life.
Do something everyday that you haven't done before. Even if it is just watching a new movie.
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Stream of thought 9/15/2009

This was written before class on the date in the title.


Of all the things I miss; I miss my mind the most. Those words from a music artist were quoted to me during one of my favorite movies. The name of the movie if you are curious is "Hackers".

That was a little random but it started my mind flowing which is what I wanted to begin with. I haven't been able to write properly in years. I don't know why. I'll start a short story or other writing project and then a short period into it my inspiration piddles out. I used to be able to sit in class or at home and just write. Now stream of thought seems to be the only thing I can do.

(Random Thought) Why cram ten to twenty minutes before class? If you don't have it by then you don't have it.

Tempus Fugit my butt. Time seems to crawl today. You see it is Exam Day in my Psych class. It is the first one of the semester. I am confident in my ability to pass it. Before class I went and got some drinks, a see through clip board, and a number two pencil. Other students in my class are around me doing revision or cramming.

I never noticed or appreciated my ability to reatin information with very little study before. It could be my I.Q. which which for the benefit for the reader is 156-160 something. I got a high S.A.T. score as well but didn't know it was so good until this class. It was 900+ but below 100 for those who are curious. Of course that was back in 1997.

I do not mention this to brag or to make others feel inferior or intimidated. I mention it because it truly is something I have thought upon right at the moment I write it. This is stream of thought after all.

I wonder what I am going to be for Halloween this year?

(Sometime later)

I just finished my Exam. It seemed easy but it might be harder then I thought. I should know what I got by next week.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Introduction Post

Welcome to my blog. Ignore the human typing this she is but an assistant. Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am an unusual mind. I like to share bits and pieces of my intellect with other people. Or at least like to pretend that I am.

Some of it will make sense but generally I would not expect it to. Have fun reading the things that I alike to make my assistant write about.