Monday, September 21, 2009

The Journal Pt. 3

Children are some of the most truthful of observers.
Ideas can cycle around to other people without verbal transmitting.
I can some up the Bible easily. Love one another, respect each other, live as best you can without hurting someone in some way, forgive yourself and others for the wrongs done so that you can all move on to the next life.
Personal energy can be used for healing, protection, and in those so inclined to harm.


"Can you race?" He asks me in a condescending tone of voice. I look at my cousin before looking to the guy again. The urge to sneer almost breaking through the the calm mask on my face.

"Can You?" I ask in mock innocence. The guy scowls and before I know it I am taking a test lap in my cousin's car and letting the adrenaline start pumping into my veins for the race ahead. A race that I win by a landslide much to the disbelief of everyone. What a way for my trip to Kansas to end. What the heck am I going to do with an Acura RSX that has been modified? Especially since I have to drive my grandfather's car home.

Huh! Maybe I can sell it back to the guy that lost it to me to begin with.

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