Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Journal Pt. 1

This is part one of "The Journal" series. I keep a so called journal full of ideas, random thoughts, and pieces of stories. This series is the online posting of the entries in my little writing project as I call it.


From the time I was born almost I knew I was special. I know you are wondering how a baby can know something like that. I was never a baby. I sprang to life from my mother's womb with all the knowledge I would ever need to know. Like all those who are special I learned to tell my meeds to others more capable than myself early on. How my parents could speak the language of the high I will never know, but they must have because when I talked they did what I wanted.

After a few years I decided to repress the knowledge so that life would be more fun and more of a challenge.


You ever watch a movie that was supposed to be one thing and it turned out to be another? That just happened to me. I choose the comedy genre and pick one title that I have never seen right before bed. I figure I would go to bed a light heart but no; the movie has only a little bit of comedy in it and the rest was sad and dramatic. It made me cry more than I laughed.

I guess sometimes we don't get what we ask for. But you got to keep trying.


Sleep can be a tempting siren or an elusive creature like Nessie.
Music proves that all people have souls.
If homosexuality is wrong and unnatural as well as a sin before God then why has it been around for all of creature history?
Mankind is a mystery but not the greatest one around.
Love is what helps us forget the clock of life.
Do something everyday that you haven't done before. Even if it is just watching a new movie.
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