Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stream of thought 9/15/2009

This was written before class on the date in the title.


Of all the things I miss; I miss my mind the most. Those words from a music artist were quoted to me during one of my favorite movies. The name of the movie if you are curious is "Hackers".

That was a little random but it started my mind flowing which is what I wanted to begin with. I haven't been able to write properly in years. I don't know why. I'll start a short story or other writing project and then a short period into it my inspiration piddles out. I used to be able to sit in class or at home and just write. Now stream of thought seems to be the only thing I can do.

(Random Thought) Why cram ten to twenty minutes before class? If you don't have it by then you don't have it.

Tempus Fugit my butt. Time seems to crawl today. You see it is Exam Day in my Psych class. It is the first one of the semester. I am confident in my ability to pass it. Before class I went and got some drinks, a see through clip board, and a number two pencil. Other students in my class are around me doing revision or cramming.

I never noticed or appreciated my ability to reatin information with very little study before. It could be my I.Q. which which for the benefit for the reader is 156-160 something. I got a high S.A.T. score as well but didn't know it was so good until this class. It was 900+ but below 100 for those who are curious. Of course that was back in 1997.

I do not mention this to brag or to make others feel inferior or intimidated. I mention it because it truly is something I have thought upon right at the moment I write it. This is stream of thought after all.

I wonder what I am going to be for Halloween this year?

(Sometime later)

I just finished my Exam. It seemed easy but it might be harder then I thought. I should know what I got by next week.

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