Saturday, February 19, 2011

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality... It's all bullshit! The internet has been around in one form or another almost all my life. In that time (almost 31 years) I have never heard of one internet provider successfully trying to block certain content that isn't theirs and making it for pay only. In fact if one did try they would quickly go under because people would jump ship to a different company with their money.

The people fighting for Net Neutrality are basically stating that they think the average consumer is stupid.

Even if one company has a monopoly in a certain area if people don't like their business practices someone within that area will start up their own company. It is how a free market works!

Gah! Some times I fear for the future of the world because of the popularity of the mob mentality. Just follow the loudest voice they must be right! *face palm*

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