Friday, February 25, 2011

Tiny Yellow House FTW!

I follow the Make magazine feed in Google Reader. Every once in awhile they have this guy by the name of Derek Diedricksen on the feed. He also has a YouTube account relaxshacksDOTcom. What makes him so special to me is his Tiny Yellow House segments. He builds structures that could be used as homes for homeless people. They could also be used for when you travel or if you just want a small space to get away from the world in.

The reason I am bringing this up is because Mr. Diedricksen has had an article written about him in the NY Times. The article is called "The $200 Microhouse".

Mr. Diedricksen also has a book that he has written about his shelters. It is called "HUMBLE HOMES, SIMPLE SHACKS, COZY COTTAGES, RAMSHACKLE RETREATS, FUNKY FORTS (AND WHATEVER THE HECK ELSE WE COULD SQUEEZE IN HERE!". You can get it from his blog

If you are interested in building things, tiny houses, recycled building, or anything related to those options I would recommend going and checking him out.

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