Monday, March 14, 2011

The Best Fight I Ever Won

I won a fight once without throwing one punch or saying more than one sentence. Of all the fights I have been in either verbally or physically I say this is the best one I ever won because of that fact. I was a sophomore in high school and one of the new people as well. I started hanging around with the misfit crowd. One of the senior girls in the group got pregnant with her high school sweet heart. She was going to give the baby up for adoption.

One day I was talking with another girl from the same group about the situation and said that I wouldn't have the choice but to keep the child. My mother would have made sure of that little fact. The next day that same girl who I thought was my friend told a highly edited version of our conversation to the pregnant senior.

During lunch the senior confronted me screaming, shaking, and just itching to take a swing at me. She never asked me if what she heard was the truth first she just assumed that what she was told was right. I stood there surrounded by people with my face set in stone, my arms crossed in front of me and waited. Once she had stopped screaming I asked her one question, "Are you done?" She made another noise and just stormed off.

After that day I was treated differently by not only the other students but by the school staff. The students were all afraid of me and/or respected me. The staff knew I wasn't a trouble maker and would in fact avoid making trouble if I could.

By keeping my mouth shut, my emotions turned off, and controlling myself even if I couldn't control anything else in the situation I won that fight.

Everyone sees the world differently even if they pretend to see it the same as everyone that they want to like them. Everyone also likes to intentionally or accidentally forget this little fact. My favorite two quotes about life come from video games but they are both valuable.

"- Shut one's eyes tight or open one's arms wide, either way, one's a fool." - Flemeth "Dragon Age"

"Eh. Our mistakes make us who we are."  - Isabela "Dragon Age 2"

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