Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dragon Age 2

On March 8th, 2011 BioWare released a game with the name of "Dragon Age 2" it is the sequel to an EPIC game set within a medieval fantasy world. I had pre-ordered the game months in advance with the advantage of getting a "free" (Nothing is really free.) upgrade to the BioWare Edition. All that really means is a different look to the case when compared to the normal and collector's editions and a goodly amount of digital content including the first add-on for the game.

I brought the game home. I finished doing some things and then sat down in my chair to get some equality time with my Xbox 360. The first night I put in about twelve to thirteen hours and hadn't even finished Act 1. The game is seriously detailed in both the story line and the graphics. Just about every choice you make effects something else from the very start. I beat the game last night and I am very happy with the ending I got. I have started a new game and have already started choosing different choices to see what changes with this play through.

Anyone interested in a medieval role playing game that focuses a lot on storyline will love this game as much as I do. If you just want something where you hack and slash you will be disappointed.

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