Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sales Jobs

I don't understand some of the way things work in the business world.

I get food delivered from a well known company. Last year I was talking to my delivery guy and he was telling me that the work was good because they got a set salary instead of working on commission.

This year I have a different delivery guy and he just told me that the company changed the way they pay people so that the base salary is less than you could live on. Then they have "incentives" that can up your pay as long as you play the game and sell more food deliveries. Except for one simple problem. The way they have it set up the delivery drivers would have to go out on their days off to solicit new customers because one of the incentives when they are on the clock is to come in on time for every stop in the route. This seems like a hinky business practice to me. I know I would work harder if I was getting a flat salary per hour than this system. My delivery guy did the calculations and discovered that unless he plays the game he actually makes less than minimum wage with the hours per year etc, etc.

My grandfather says that this is just how it is in sales and that if I don't like it then I don't have to work in that sort of job. *shrug* It seems to me that a lot of the companies that have stopped doing commission type sales jobs have improved because they don't pester the consumer.

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