Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Evil Musicals

Okay so I went into the living room to share some of the nostalgia that I get when hearing songs from musicals I loved as a kid and the fact that I don't like most of the modern ones with my grandfather. I used Wicked as an example of one of the only modern musicals that I like. My grandfather wanted to know what it was about and then lamented about how society just won't let evil be evil and tries to explain it away. I pointed out that most people haven't read the Oz books and so wouldn't know the true evil of the wicked witch because they don't really show or talk about it much in the movie.

He started getting irritated with me about how evil is evil even if you don't know the reasons behind it or the reason why. I pointed out that until we see an act that we conceive as evil that we can't know someone is evil even if we never have the reasons behind or why the act happened. It is about perception. Then he started trying to lecture me about the nature of evil when I stopped him. I know evil exists without rhyme or reasons. That wasn't what I was saying about the story of Wicked and such. In fact I didn't even know why we were arguing considering that the conversation had begun with nothing to do with the topic he was lecturing me about. Ugh!

I just wanted to share something that was making me feel light and happy. *face palm*

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