Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I was looking around at prefab houses because I want something modern. So I looked at the LV, the MHouse, and a few others when I ran across the i-house. Now the i-house is awesome for multiple reasons. It is a modern style home with a flex room option that would make a great in-law suite. It comes with some fabulous feature options like bamboo flooring, solar panels, rain water collection, and many more. It is also a fairly decent price compared to some others.

When/If I win the/a contest the i-house is what I am going to buy along with a spot of land that I can put it on. I am hoping to find a parcel that is in the city so that I can get non well water and easy hook up for electricity. I'll have to look into it when the time comes.

I've put the link to the i-house below. Feel free to go look.

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