Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writing Schedule

I'm going to try to take up writing. Not just poems but actively make time everyday to sit down and write. A pencil or two and a pad of paper. I'll plug myself into my iPod for an hour or two. If I spend that time just sitting there staring at the paper then that is what will happen. I used to write all the time during the last two years of high school and quite a bit before I moved in here. I'm not sure what caused the flow to freeze up though I could come up with a thousand theories. I want to write again. I used to be able to paint pictures in the minds of others but now I can barely write poems about abstract emotions and thoughts. I figure if I put myself in the same situations that I wrote in back in the day it will help jump start something. It should since I won't be distracting myself with something someone else wrote, movies, or video games.

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